Whether you are an information technology, engineering, or a finance & accounting pro looking for that next step in your
career, or you are looking to hire that perfect candidate, TRC Professional Solutions is uniquely qualified to make that
happen. We’ve learned that by paying close attention to emerging trends within these highly specialized fields, we are able
to better match candidate strengths with employer needs. As a result, you should expect a long-term, professional
relationship that is beneficial to candidates and employers alike.

Why TRC Professional Solutions?

Let’s face it. Providing staffing services for the information technology,
engineering, and finance & accounting industries is unlike any other
staffing challenge. Positions in these fields require highly specialized
and skilled candidates to fill them—candidates not found just anywhere.

TRC Professional Solutions targets the best and brightest candidates in
these fields. Working closely with our employer partners, we identify and
bring forward only the most qualified candidates for the position. Then we
dive deeper. We look into the candidate’s experience, skill set, and
personality to ensure the right fit for your organization.

TRC understands that providing the best service and support to our
information technology, engineering, and finance & accounting consultants
allow us to deliver superior results to our clients. This is why each
contractor that goes to work for us is assigned a Resource Manager. The
Resource Manager delivers timely feedback on all questions or concerns,
conducts new hire on-boarding, assists our contractors while on
assignment and works on their behalf to keep them up-to-date on new

Contract labor, contract-to-hire, or direct-hire candidates; whatever your
need, partnering with TRC Professional Solutions means having a staffing
service that understands your business and your information technology,
engineering, and finance & accounting specific needs.


Purple Squirrels

Your company is not like most companies. You’re different. Your employees, business philosophy, and culture are what set your company apart from your competitors. That uniqueness is reflected on your company’s organizational chart—and probably in a few of the jobs you need to fill as well.

It’s not unusual for employers to find themselves in a position where only a candidate with a rare and
crazy-perfect mix of qualifications will do. That candidate is what the staffing industry calls a purple squirrel.

At TRC Professional Solutions, we are perfectly familiar with purple squirrels. Though elusive and scarce, we know how to find them. And we know how to bring them to your office door. LEARN MORE

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